About Huzz Buckets

Distinctive and Unique Items for the Wild and Crazy, Yet Discriminating Shopper

Huzz Buckets

Huzz Buckets is the brainchild of the Dollyhigh sisters and was founded in the Fall of 2012.  From the ashes of tragedy and grief, the sisters who had lost so many, began the road to healing with retail therapy.   They began finding unique and distinctive items that they decided to share with others, and thus created Huzz Buckets!

Hi there! We’re going to make our fortunes and make folks happy by selling them unique and distinctive gifts, stationery, and other fabulous products!  Hummmmm.  Let’s name it “Junque Du Jour”   Too trashy!  How about “Isa Arts”  Too artsy!  And, thus, Huzz Buckets was born!

…Oh No!  Don’t ask me what it means…

You know how Sisters communicate!   You just never know what will be said and whose heads will roll and how much belly laughter will erupt!  Just trust me and know that Huzz Buckets is as unique as the name.  Only the best for the retail therapy fanatic!

So!  Grab your electronics of choice:  computer, I-pad, tablet, smartphone and shop to your heart’s content!  Enjoy Huzz Buckets!  Have fun and spend lots of moo-lah!

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